April 10, 2006

Animal Control Site

I just got off the phone with Brad Wilcox, Corporal with the Little Elm Police Department who was charged by the Little Elm Town Council to locate a home for the soon to be built Animal Control Facility. He informed me that the site he will select is indeed on the north west corner of the Public Works Service Center. He told me that he didn't think it would affect our community as much as it will Preston on the Lake Trailer Park and that there would be no outside storage of animals. I however am not placing faith that outside storage will not happen at some future time nor do I believe that large animals will never be placed in outdoor runs for exercise. In addition to the noise and smell we will also have to deal with the traffic of people who will work at the facility and those who come to either select animals or rescue thier pets.

Another thing to consider is how this facility will deal with overflow and animals who pass away. Many such facilities cremate animals and I can't begin to tell you how badly that smells.

Sound off community let me know what you think and what we as a group can do about this. Time is short as I'm told they will begin building within 2 years.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I would appreciate your comments on the animal control issue. Someone asked if you all could sign a petition. That is your right.

Any comments or items you want to refer to me can be done at: jmanning@littleelm.org

Jim Manning
District 4

Thursday, May 04, 2006 1:34:00 PM  

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