April 10, 2006

Fire in Arbor Creek

All of our hearts and minds go out to our neighbors affected by yesterday's fire. Being the victim of fire is always devastating and to have it hit so close to home makes it even more tragic. From what I was told by police and firemen handling the scene it was an electrical fire which started in the wall of the Master Bathroom and rapidly ascended into the attic and rafters. The fire was so intense that even the attached house was affected with smoke damage throughout. If it wasn't for the prompt and competent attentions of the responders the potential for disaster was strong. Thankfully there were no personal injuries though the damage was huge.

For those wondering why The Colony fire truck stayed in our community till the late night hours, long after the fire was controlled, there was mechanical damage to the truck and they needed to wait for assistance. Many members of the community offered comfort and aide to the victims of the fire and the stuck firefighters and once again I am reminded how wonderful and warm our neighbors can be when they reach out to one another.


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