April 08, 2006

Public Works Site of Animal Control?

As I feared...
The newpaper states that one of the places being looked at for the new animal control shelter is adjacent to the Public Works Building on Mark Tree Lane right here in Arbor Creek. So in addition to the noise, smell and traffic of a Water Treatment Facility, a Public Works Service Center and the people who actually spent money to live here, we can look forward to the possiblity of an Animal Control Center and the fun it will bring.

Judging from the lack of enthusiasm this community has shown in coming together to protect itself I fear that our property values are doomed to fall. This is one family's opinion, I would value other points of view as well.


Blogger Yolanda's Lair said...

Being that I just moved in I have not taken sufficient time to research issues relating to our community, let alone our city. My office is halfway set up (right I'm on dial up waiting for my wireless modem) so as soon as I can get everything straightened, that will be on my priority list. Now EXACTLY where is the animal shelter going to go? Are they going to build another building or use one of the existing structures? I do love the fact that it is extremely quiet around here. Almost like a ghost town. It was a little eerie coming home from work one night and to find that most of the homes have the solar lights, no porch lights on and no cars on the front. But I was pleasantly suprised to come home yet another night and see a few women sitting in the front, having what I assumed a glass of tea and chit chatting away. Hmmmm add a little dog barking to that? I don't think my 2 burguny BETA fish will like that one! :-)

Sunday, April 09, 2006 9:42:00 AM  

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