May 19, 2006

Congradulations LEISD!

With only preliminary TAKS scores in, it looks like Little Elm will soon be able to announce that four local schools will be declared by the Texas Education Industry as “Recognized”. Chavez, Hackberry, Lakeview and Zellars elementary schools have shown that hard work and dedication is repaid by recognition and praise.
Recognized: These districts and campuses met the Recognized level performance standards for all base indicators. All campuses in Recognized districts must be rated Acceptable or higher.*
Little Elm High School and Lakeside Junior High are expected to receive “Acceptable” ratings.
Academically Acceptable / Acceptable: These districts and campuses exceeded the performance standards for Academically Unacceptable / Low-Performing, but did not meet Exemplary or Recognized standards. Districts that met the standards for Exemplary or Recognized but (1) have one or more Low-Performing campuses or (2) exceeded the threshold for under-reported school leavers have been rated Academically Acceptable.*
* (Courtesy of the Texas Education Agency Website.)


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