May 05, 2006

Little Elm Robbery

The Little Elm 7-11 Store located at 4 Corners was robbed at gunpoint on Thursday April 27th at 12:40 A.M. by three black males dressed in black and wearing ski masks. The men were armed with two semiautomatic handguns and a shotgun. They demeanded the clerk empty the cash register and escaped with $340.92 and two packages of Black & Mild cigars. It is believed that after this robbery the same suspects robbed a 7-11 Store in Carrollton.

I am posting this information to inform not to scare. It is my hope that armed with this information residents of our community will exercise a little extra prudent care. This is no longer the sleepy little town it once was and seems to have attracted a different element than was here when I purchased my house.


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