May 22, 2006

Little Elm's Alligator Problem

Living in Little Elm means putting up with lots of insects, the occasional mouse sightings, armadillos digging up the lawn and neighborhood dogs who hate staying in their own backyard. Today we add a new entry to the list Alligators. Wildlife Management in conjunction with Lewisville Lake officials have reported the removal of a dead alligator which was found floating tied to a tree stump in Lewisville Lake just south of the Eldorado Parkway bridge in Little Elm this afternoon.

The alligator was deceased and measured around 10 feet long and weighed nearly 400 pounds. A witness who claimed to have found the carcass on Sunday said it looked like the reptile had been dead for several days and that it had a horrible smell. He went on to say that, he had notified Wildlife Management officials, who told him that they were investigating the dead alligator as a poaching incident.
Texas Parks and Wildlife had removed the dead alligator from an undisclosed lakeside property where it washed ashore on Saturday. They were told to dispose of the carcass in a secluded location to allow it to decompose naturally, and would not disturb nearby residents. No one at this time knows how it became tied to a tree stump in Lewisville Lake.
Texas Parks and Wildlife officials said they had removed a dead alligator body from someone’s lakeside property on Saturday, after it washed ashore. Wardens were told to dispose of the body in a secluded area so it could decompose naturally without disturbing nearby residents. How it came to be tied to a tree stump in the water was unclear Monday afternoon. Last week a Little Elm family reported seeing an alligator in Lewisville Lake and authorities are cautioning extra vigilance during the April-June mating season.


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