May 28, 2006

Town Opens Animal Shelter

Stray or unwanted animals picked up by Little Elm's animal control officer may not howl the blues once they see where they will be doing hard time.The Town of Little Elm's first animal shelter opened its doors Monday at 1104 W. Eldorado Parkway, Suite 103, next to Lakeview Grocery.

The 1,925-square-foot facility will house up to 18 cats or small animals and 20 large dogs or animals.Animal Control Officer Dave Stillwell said all sheltered animals would have the basic necessities - food and water in a climate-controlled environment - while kept at the shelter.The shelter also features a waiting area, quarantine area, office, storeroom, and bathroom."It's a good small-town shelter," he said.

Kennel attendant Crystal Parker will care for animals and assist customers from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m. Tuesdays through Fridays, and Stillwell will meet customers by appointment on Mondays.The shelter will not vaccinate, spay or neuter, or treat animals.

Animal owners have up to 72 hours to claim their animal at the shelter. If after 72 hours, an animal is unclaimed, it will be put up for adoption or placed with a rescue society if possible. After all options have been exhausted, an animal could be euthanized."Depending on an animal's adoptability and space available, we'll hold onto them as long as possible," Stillwell said.

The animal shelter will attempt to match prospective pet owners with animals in need of a home, so residents thinking of getting a new pet are welcome to come to the shelter to find their next Fido or Fluffy."There are a lot of animals out there who are looking for responsible pet owners," Parker said.

Residents battling unwanted animal guests may checkout non-lethal traps for seven days that will catch cats, possums, raccoons, or other wild animals. They must supply the bait, but Stillwell will collect trapped animals.

Because the animal shelter is a division of the Little Elm Police Department, a person searching for his or her lost pet should call the police station at 214-975-0460.

Exerpted from Star Community Newpapers Website


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