May 14, 2006

Updated Election Results!

The updated election results are in and I do believe that our town had a record turn out this election with over 600 residents casting their vote. Early voting seemed to be the favored method of casting a ballot this year with more people using that method then ever before and over twice what election officials were expecting. There will be a runoff election for the postion of Mayor and for Council Seat Place 3 I will post details as they come in. Without further delay here are the updated results…

Little Elm Mayor
Candidate Votes Percentage
Terri Lowery 278 46% Runoff
Frank Kastner 214 35% Runoff
Jeff Jones 116 19%

Little Elm Council Place 1
Candidate Votes Percentage
David Hillock 351 62% WINNER
Richard Stevens 217 38%

Little Elm Council Place 3
Candidate Votes Percentage

Dee Dee Lear 141 45% Runoff
Silvia Dietz 93 30% Runoff
Jim Bonnell 57 18%
Shawn Crutchner 21 7%

Little Elm Council Place 5
Candidate Votes Percentage
Brandon Gerard 63 55% WINNER
Elliott Robertson 52 45%

Little Elm ISD Trustee Place 4
Candidate Votes Percentage
Bill Hidell 315 74% WINNER
Wesley Morrow 112 26%

Little Elm ISD Trustee Place 5
Candidate Votes Percent
Lisa Glenn 182 41% WINNER
Mark Rutledge 164 38%
Allen Christopherson 90 21%


Blogger RobnTee said...

Thanks for the results Mike. The turnout didn't appear to be good when my wife and I went to vote. While 600 may be a record, it's a sad commentary to say we have almost 20k living in the town. Oh well, I guess we have more people just sleeping here than actually living here.

Sunday, May 14, 2006 10:30:00 PM  
Blogger Michael Lederman said...

Rob, While your assesment is spot on I do have to say, look on the bright side and you'll see that the fact that we've been offered more choices to elect then before and more people actually voting for them shows progress. I'm so amazed that this little town is showing progress that I'm shouting it from the rooftops.

Monday, May 15, 2006 1:52:00 PM  
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