June 30, 2006

Back to Stage 3!

Notice of downgrade from Stage 4 to Stage 3 of the Town’s Drought Contingency Plan
Effective Friday, June, 30th, 2006 the Town of Little Elm is reducing the Drought Contingency level from Stage 4 to Stage 3.

Thank you to all citizens for your understanding and adherence to the Stage 4 regulations. Because of your actions to reduce water usage under Stage 4 the Town has been able to maintain adequate water for household use and fire protection.

The new water supply line from North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) has been completed, tested and placed in service. This new line provides the Town a direct point of delivery from the NTMWD system without conveying the water through the Frisco water distribution system. This new line is capable of providing the Town with adequate water supply for the Town’s ultimate build out of homes based on current Corporate Limits and Extra Territorial Jurisdiction.

The Stage 3 level of the Drought Plan will remain in affect due to continued regional drought conditions and NTMWD’s initiation of Stage 3. In accordance with the Town’s Drought Contingency Plan, Stage 3 must be in effect when our water supplier, NTMWD has enacted Stage 3. The goal for water use reduction under Stage 3, Severe, is a reduction of twenty percent in use that would have occurred in the absence of drought contingency measures. The Town is initiating the following provisions of the Town’s Drought Contingency Plan: One-Day-Per-Week Outdoor Watering Schedule

Residential Only------------------------------------ Residential Trash Collection Zone Day
(Includes Duplexes, Town homes and Apartments)

Non-Residential ------------------------------------Residential Trash Collection Zone Day

Prohibit watering from 10 am to 6 pm daily
Prohibit hosing of paved areas, buildings, or windows
Prohibit washing or rinsing of vehicles by garden hose
Prohibit using water in such a manner to allow runoff or other waste
Soaker hoses, drip/bubbler systems, and hand-held hoses may be used for trees, shrubs, and foundations as necessary.
Provide a 30 day exemption from day-of-week restriction for new and existing landscape modifications. Time of day and excessive use restrictions still apply

Violation of restrictions may result in disconnection of customer irrigation systems and/or total water services, with reconnection fees, and possible monetary penalties. Restrictions do not apply to those customers using on-site water wells.

For Questions Please Contact the Town of Little Elm Department of Public Works 214-975-0471,


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