June 01, 2006

Frisco Police Warning

KXAS-TV 5:05 p.m. CDT June 1, 2006
FRISCO, Texas - Frisco police are issuing a warning after a man raped and beat a woman at a neighborhood pool Thursday night. Sgt. Gina McFarlin said a man choked the woman and beat her unconscious before sexually assaulting her. The crime happened after a pool party at the community pool inside the Hickory Springs subdivision near Rolling Brook and Fossil Ridge Drive. After swimming laps alone, the victim went into the pool house bathroom to change clothes and found a man waiting inside, McFarlin said.

"To have somebody lying in wait in the pool-house bathroom is very concerning for us," she said. McFarlin also said residents of the complex were frightened by the incident. The rapist stole some items from the victim's car and fled on a bicycle, McFarlin said. He was wearing a bright orange and yellow team jersey-style shirt, she said. Police are planning to release a sketch of the man.


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