June 16, 2006

Future WalMart

WalMart's planned store at F.M. 423 and Eldorado will be the Frisco WalMart, Store #3777. The planned Grand Opening date is schedualed for 1/19/07. At this time plans for an ajoining Sam's Club have been cancelled. The store will be one of WalMarts "Supercenter" concepts.

Scott Ingalls, Zoning & Subdivision Administrator for Frisco says, "
The City (Frisco) has worked with Wal-Mart and the Grayhawk neighborhood to design a building façade that is far from the typical Wal-Mart store design. The building will utilize a number of outward extensions of the façade to get away from the plain flat front.

The building will have a watercourse of stone four feet in height with brick above the stone. Numerous windows have been added to also break up the building façade. There will also be trees and shrubs platted across the front to soften the brick and stone building façade."

Unlike other WalMart's the exterior will not be painted but will be a masonry exterior with brick and stone. In addition as part of this project WalMart will be making temporary improvements to Eldorado Parkway as part of the overall construction and these improvments will be in place prior to the store's opening. Later these improvements will be removed during the Eldorado Parkway widening as well as TxDot's F.M. 423 widening projects.


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