June 22, 2006

New Water Pipe

Town management realized 3 years ago that the growth of the town would soon exceed the water supply that the then system of wells was providing. Knowing that a municipal water supply would soon be needed they decided to enter into negotionatoins with the North Texas Municipal Water District which was supplying water to nearby towns such as Frisco, Plano & Allen. The nearest supply pipe being located at Custer & S.H. 121 plans began to install a new 30-inch pipeline to supply our town.

As such projects often take a large amount of preperation and pre-work Little Elm signed an agreement with the town of Frisco to supply our town with water while we waited for our pipeline to be completed. Many of us have seen the pale blue pipes and digging machines allong Eldorado Parkway in Frisco but we didn't realize that those pipes would one day be responsible for bringing our town its water supply.

Construction delays prevented the completion of the water supply pipe which had been planned for June 1st. The next planned completion date was June 19th and as of today the new line is complete awaiting only the disinfection and testing for bacteria that is needed before the water can flow. This process should be complete within the next ten days according to Doug Peach, Director of Little Elm's Public Works Department. At that time we should return to a Stage 3 conditon and once again be able to use outdoor watering.


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