June 13, 2006

Road Construction Part II

This just showed up in my inbox and relates to my earlier post. Click on image for a larger view.

Section 1
Construction on Section 1 is ongoing. Lacy Company completed 13% of the work. The first contract milestone is to finish the area between Shady Shores and the lake by 9/12/06 and it is anticipated that Lacy would be able to complete that section on or before the milestone date.

Section 2

NTTA has decided to move the bid opening date for the toll bridge to August 24 and that could delay the bridge opening date to March, 2009. Commissioner White stated that she discussed the schedule issue with Alan Rutter and Mr. Rutter pledged to do what he could to minimize the delay. NTTA is also considering the use of weathering steel for the tied arch. Coordination is being made with USACE and TCEQ on this issue. To light the weathering steel tied arch, alternative lighting systems will be needed and HNTB is investigating options.

USACE is reviewing Denton County / NTTA easement request for the toll bridge. The request is currently at the USACE District Office. John Polster mentioned that USACE’s Doug Cox will be out of the country for a few months.

Section 3
Right-of-way acquisition and utility relocation process is about 95% complete. Bo Cung will send Commissioner White a list of outstanding parcels. Bo also informed the group that the water lines belonged to Community Water and Aqua-Texas still need to be moved and those companies have refused to relocate the lines without compensation. Bo asked Denton County and Town of Little Help to help. Doug Peach will set up a meeting with both utility companies to discuss.

The design on Section 3 has resumed and Dannenbaum will finish the plans by 5/15. Bo Cung has worked with Denton County Procurement Department to establish the bidding schedule. Project will be let late June.

Commissioner White mentioned that Garza Lane name needs to be changed to Eldorado Parkway and the group agreed that the changes needs to be made as quickly as possible so that future developments would not be affected by the name change. Denton County will make the change.

Sections 4-6

David Morgan stated that the FHWA has allowed TxDOT to proceed with the public hearing on Sections 4-6. The hearing is set for July 27. Since there is Section 4-F land involved, advertisement for the hearing will be posted four times.

TxDOT has determined that the road should be constructed for six lanes and striped for four lanes. HNTB is getting a proposal from Bridgefarmer for this modification. Additionally, Little Elm will submit to TxDOT a “wish list” of items that the Town would like to be included in the construction.

David Hensley reported that TxDOT, NTTA and Bridgefarmer met with USACE to discuss the bridges on Sections 4-6 and it was determined that a new bridge over an un-named tributary near Castleridge Road will be needed to cross a flowage easement. This bridge will be approximately 120’ long.

Section 7
No new updates on Section 7.

Section 8
David Morgan stated that the FHWA has allowed TxDOT to proceed with the public hearing on Section 8. The hearing is set for July 6 at Griffins Middle School on FM 2934.

The design is complete but the FONSI is needed before the City can complete the ROW acquisition and TxDOT can begin relocating utilities. Frank Jaromin also reported that an agreement with TxDOT to acquire the ROW has been negotiated and is waiting to be signed. Once the FONSI is obtained, the City only has to acquire three more parcels to complete the ROW acquisition.

Prepared by:
Bo V. Cung, P.E.


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