June 21, 2006

Stage 4 Drought Contingency

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Town of Little Elm Initiates Stage 4 of Drought Contingency Plan
Mandatory – No Outdoor Watering
As a result of shortages in the water supply the Town of Little Elm has enacted Stage 4, EMERGENCY of the Drought Contingency Plan. Stage 4 bans any and all outdoor/landscaping water use until the emergency has passed. This ban applies to all metered water users who utilize the Town's public water supply and covers all residental, commercial, recreational, religious, health care, school and municipal entities.

Watering of new landscaping and use of soaker hoses is also prohibitited.
The Stage 4 Dought Contingency Plan is needed to maintain a supply of water for household use and fire protection Our town currently receives its water from North Texas Municipal Water District (NTMWD) and the continued drought along with increased demands for outdoor watering has shortened the available supply of water to the town. The Town is currently working with NTMWD to complete a new 30-inch water supply line. Upon completion of this pipeline the town will be able to return to a Stage 3 drought alert.

Violation of restrictions will result in disconnection of customer irrigation systems and/or total water services, with reconnection fees, and possible monetary penalties. Restrictions do not apply to those customers using on-site water wells unless the usage creates public safety or health hazards.

For more information please contact the Little Elm Department of Public Works at 214-975-0471,


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