June 28, 2006

Stage 4 Modification

As a result of community cooperation with the Stage 4 Drought Contingincy plans the Town's water storage tanks are now within the acceptable range of storage. Therefore the town has made a modification to the Stage 4 requirements prohibiting all outdoor watering.

Effective today Wednesday, June 28, 2006, all residents are allowed the use of Soaker Hoses for foundation maintenance only. The outdoor water ban remains in effect with the exception of soaker hoses around foundations.

As reported earlier the new 30-inch water main which will directly connect Little Elm to the North Texas Municipal Water District is in its final testing stages. Upon satisfactory test results we should be switching to this supply line within a few days. At this time we should be returning to a Stage 3 condition.

For questions or comments please contact:
Doug Peach, Director of Public Works
214-975-0471 dpeach@littleelm.org


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