July 26, 2006

Call To Action!

With the news filled with stories of sexual predators and the horror they leave in their wake last year I asked then City Manager, J.C. Hughes, to consider passing an ordinance that Plano was considering that would greatly reduce their vunerabiltiy to such offenders. It seems when researching our community there is more sexual offenders living in Little Elm than one would expect from such a small community (25 in the 75068 zip code area as of this post).

It wasn't long ago that a young girl was violently raped in the Glen Cove community which is adjacent to Arbor Creek. It was even more recent that allegations of sexual harassment took place right across the street in Roma's restaurant.

When I asked J.C. Hughes about the Plano plans he then told me that such an ordinance would be illegal and impossible to enforce. I think now would be a good time for our town leaders to re-examine the idea which will make most of Plano out of bounds for registered sexual predators to live in.

The Plano ordinance, one of its most controversial, passed 6 to 1 to restrict the residency for a sexual offender. According to the new law a registered sex offender can not purchase or rent a residence within 1,000 feet of schools, daycare facilities, youthcare centers, swimming pools, video arcades and playgrounds. The punishment for violation is a fine of $500.00 per offense which could be assessed for every day an offender does not comply with the law.

It's time to contact our new City Manager and make sure this ordinance is considered for Little Elm before its too late contact Ivan Langford, Little Elm City Manger and tell him to offer the citizens of Little Elm the same protection Plano is giving its residents.


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