July 18, 2006

End of an Era

I first met Mayor Doug Cravey a few days before closing on my new house in Arbor Creek this was before the flash new Town Hall and we met at a Council Meeting held in the old Town Hall/Fire House which is now the Community Center. I found him to be a quiet and friendly man who exuded country charm. Doug Cravey served as Mayor for Little Elm from 1997 till 2006 and saw his beloved home town through many changes as it grew from a mere 1,500 residents to its current population of approximately 20,000.

Mayor Cravey paved the way for explosive town growth, he shaped the very structure of Little Elm, the new Town Hall (2003), Little Elm Park Amphitheater (2005), Cottonwood Park Sports Complex (2006). He aslo instituted the town's annual Thanksgiving Dinner, the BBQ Cook-Off, and the Town's first walking trail now known as the Johnny Broyles Walking Trail.

Doug Cravey served as Town Mayor for nine years, he also served his town as a Council Member, Planning and Zoning Commissioner and was also a Volunteer Fireman. Not content to sit at the podium as many politicians do Mayor Cravey served his town well, building the backstop and field for Blast Ball in Little Elm Park, using his skills with a bulldozer to clear debris at Beard Park, even selling Circus admission tickets outside Key's Market. Doug Cravey guided his community toward projects still in development like Fire Station No. 2 on Walker Street and the often mentioned Eldorado Parkway Expansion Project.
Projects under development, such as Fire Station No. 2 and the Eldorado Parkway expansion, will continue his legacy

Mayor Cravey decided not to seek re-election for a tenth term as Little Elm's Mayor when he determined that there was adequate leadership to take over. His long rein as Mayor saw Little Elm through both sorrows and joys. At the last Council Meeting his tearfull collegues and co-workers recognized the outstanding work Mayor Cravey did for our community awarding him a plaque for his selfless service and lauding his many achievements. Mayor Cravey will be remembered for all he did for Little Elm.


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