July 13, 2006

Justice Served

It was a chilly December 9th in 2004 when 40 year old Denise Miller shot and killed her then boyfriend and Little Elm Police Officer, Jonathon Wayne Irby. Irby served the town of Little Elm for 6 years. He was found the day after his murder lying on the floor in a puddle of blood from a bullet wound to the back of his head when his fellow officers came to check on him after he failed to show up for his morning shift.

Officers immediatly sought 40 year old Miller, a Little Elm resident, for this slaying and she was found a day later in a hotel room in Gainesville where she had tried to commit suicide, failed surviving the self inflicted gunshot wound which left her paralized instead. Miller claimed through her attorney that the shooting was accidental and a note found in her hotel room indicated she had accientally shot the officer, panicked and ran. Other notes were found in Officer Irby's home that read, " Please forgive me and continue to pray for my soul" and "I'm sorry, he was the best police officer you had."

It took a jury less than one hour yesterday to find Denise Miller to guilty for the fatal shooting of Officer Irby. The same jury today sentenced the woman to 62 years in prison.


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