July 11, 2006

Note to our readers

Due to the lack of comments on this blog I am writing this post to explain the comment feature.

Each story posted has a footer which contains the *#comments* link. If you click on that link you'll see a popup window that looks just like the picture in this posting. Step 1 is to write your comment in the box. This can be anything you choose from commenting on the current post or a request for other information. Step 2 is to select the identity the post will have. We ask that people refrain from selecting anonymos and either use their name or their handle. (Abusive posts will be deleted). Step 3 is to optionally use preview to view how your post will look or just login and publish which will send your post to the blog for all to see.

Please take the time to comment. We provide this information free of charge and the only thing we ask in return is that the community use the blog and participate in it.

Thank you.


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