July 18, 2006

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Little Elm Public Library information 07/17/06
By: Tina Hager
Monday was a very traumatizing day for resident library pet Gracie the Beta fish. It all started as a normal day, swimming around in her bowl, watching all the different people walking by the front desk to use computers, check out books, attend programs, and ask questions. But then, in one afternoon, her life changed in a matter of minutes. An elbow, in just the right place, sent Gracie and her water bowl, dropping at a very fast speed to what she may have thought was her sudden death. It happened so quickly…the bowl shattered, water splattered, her home spread on the carpet and Gracie was flopping for her life. Life saving action happened immediately. Gracie was scooped up, put into a flower pen bowl and one of the teens took her to get water. Patrons helped staff clean up the mess and the same teen that got her water also vacuumed the carpet. I am happy to say that Gracie is now happily swimming in her new home. Never a dull moment at the Little Elm Library.

If you enjoyed the Gracie the Beta suspense story, you should consider attending the adult murder mystery book club meetings on the third Tuesday of each month from 7pm to 8pm.

If you are interested in electrifying performances, then attend the electric arc program being held by Co-Serv Electric Company on Saturday, July 22nd at 11am right after family story-time that starts at 10:30. After enjoying these family programs, you can stop at one of the many eating establishments found in Little Elm for a little lunch and then drop back by the library, come in out of the heat, and enjoy the Saturday movie that starts at 1pm.

Another event starting at 11am on Saturday, July 22nd that will run until 4pm Wednesday, July 26th is the Usborne Book Fair fundraiser. Help the library add more children’s books to the collection.

Another fun fundraiser that is happening on Saturday, July 22nd at 2pm is the second annual Little Elm Area Food Bank Jet Ski Poker Run. Start time is 2pm at Cottonwood Creek Marina and all proceeds will be given to the food bank.

The joint book sale that was held on Saturday, July 15th raised $138 that will be shared between the Little Elm Food Bank and the Little Elm library. I want to thank everyone who came to purchase books. Stay tuned because more joint book sales are coming up.

We welcome questions and comments. You can contact us at
library@littleelm.org or call 214-975-0430.
If you haven’t got a card yet, come grow with us page by page.


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