August 13, 2006

New Retail

If you love movies as much as we do here at Blog Central then you'll be as excited about the newest addtion to Little Elm, the new Blockbuster Video store located behind the KFC/Long John Silver's on F.M. 423 near Eldorado Parkway. The store which still has that new store smell is now open for business and fully stocked with loads of great movies and games. You can use your exsisting Blockbuster Card from other locations or sign up for one in-store. They are also offering a Free Trial membership at for movies and games deliverd to your mailbox.

Also coming soon to the new plaza in the same location will be a Starbucks, UPS Store and Romeo & Juliet Salon Spa. Further down the street will be the location of Goody Goody Liquor Store which is now under construction. Look for these new additions to our town soon and stay tune for more news on new retail stores here.

(Rumor and I must stress RUMOR has it that a Race Track gas station will be taking over the space at 3 corners where F.M. 423 and Eldorado Parkway meet in a Y intersection (where the old bottle store used to be) I'll report on this when more concrete information is available.)


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