September 11, 2006

Garage Sale Days

With cooler weather also comes a chance to clean out the attic and garage and also makes holding a garage sale more comforable (and perhaps more profitable) as more and more neighbors venture outside to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

Some may not be aware of the changes to the Garage Sale regulations that the town council has approved which went into efffect this year. All garage sales inculding yard sales, require a permit to be obtained in advance of the intended sale date.

The only signs which will be allowed will be the bright yellow Garage Sale signs provided with approved permits. Non-permited signing such as cardboard boxes, notices attached to poles and other signs placed on public property will be removed without notice and subjects the seller to possible fines for non-compliance with the regulations.

You can now obtain a Garage Sale permit on Saturday mornings at the Little Elm Public Library located in Town Hall.


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