September 06, 2006

Restaurant Report Cards

Following in the footsteps of nearby Frisco & The Colony, Little Elm will now be issuing Grade Cards to local area restaurants. Ordinance 776 enacted August 15th 2006, provides that each establishment will now receive a letter grade from the Town Health Inspector, this grade must be posted on a colored card and clearly displayed at or near each entrance to the restaurant.

Grade A (90 to 100) cards will be blue.
Grade B (80 to 89) cards will be green.
Grade C (70 to 79) will be yellow.
Grade D (70 to 79) cards will be red.

Prior to this new Food Service Operation Ordinance the Health Ordinance which was adopted in 1886 was outdated and missing various Texas Administrative Codes and Amendments. The council hopes that this revised ordinance will address specific needs of the Town including definitions of related terms, a permitting process and standards set for stationary cart establishment like snow cone and hot dog stands. The new ordinance also requires food service establishments to have a Food Manager.

You will start to see the grade cards showing up in local restaurants in October, after the next inspection is performed. Some things that will affect a restaurant's grade include, improperly labeled food or containers, insects in the kitchen, food maintained at the incorrect temperature, expired food, lack of permit & cross contamination.

Restaurants receiving a score lower than they would like can fix the low score causes and request a follow-up inspection.


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